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Our suppliers / brand partners provide the highest quality of products and work hand in hand with our company to ensure our customers get the best. Some of the highelights of why we choose different brands and not run of the mill brands.







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SINCE 2007, SPORTECH SOLUTIONS has been providing its customers with the very best nutritional supplements in all categories of Natural Health, Lifestyle, Wellness and Performance Nutrition. Our core values define our mission to support our brands partners and our customers in both business and community for sustainable growth and success.

Sportech Solutions provides full market coverage to the distributors spanning all over India. Sportech services for all sizes including national grocery chains; nutrition supplements retailers, health food stores, pharmacies, gyms and sporting clubs.



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    65, Meherchand Market,
    Lodhi Colony, New Delhi 110003.

    1 Savitri Complex, Greater Kailash Part 2,
    New Delhi 110048
    CUSTOMER CARE NO. +919999712344  (10:00 AM TO 07:00 PM)


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Terms and Conditions Sportech.

1. General part.

1.1 These terms and conditions are used by Sportech located on the Maxwellstraat 29, Emmen, the Netherlands.
1.2 Sportech is an enterprise which engages in the import of food supplements and the wholesale of food supplements.
1.3 These terms and conditions are registered at the chamber of commerce in Emmen, the Netherlands under number 04061756.

2. Realization of the agreement.

2.1 The agreement with the customer is realized after confirmation by Sportech or when Sportech begins to process the agreement.
2.2 An offer or agreement (proposal) is subject to price changes. Sportech has the right to change the used prices the whole time.

3. Prices.

3.1 All prices are stated in Euros and are exclusive of VAT and shipping costs unless stated differently in the offer or agreement.
3.2 Sportech has the right to charge the other party for any cost price raising factors, including but not limited to levy’s, taxes and surcharges.

4. Payment.

4.1 All sales are subject to pre-payment unless stated differently in the offer or agreement.
4.1.1 If an invoice has not been paid within the established payment term, the other party, without reminders to recalcitrant or a formal notice, is in neglect. At that point all the vacant invoices of Sportech will become directly and fully claimable.
4.1.2 If the invoice is not paid on time the counterparty is indebted to pay interest on overdue payments at the rate of 1.5% per month.
4.1.3 Incase it is necessary for Sportech to collect a payment through a debt collection agency all the costs, including but not limited to administration costs, judicial and out-of-court costs, costs of petition for compulsory liquidation, will be charged to the counterparty. The out-of-court costs will amount to a total of at least 15% of the unpaid amount with an absolute minimum of 150 Euros.
4.1.4 Incase the counterparty does not fully comply to every detail of their agreement with Sportech or incase Sportech has reasonable doubts concerning the payment capability of the counterparty, Sportech is authorized to put a hold on the delivery of goods until the counterparty has given sufficient certainty that the outstanding debt and payments will be met.
4.1.5 The payment commitment of the counterparty can not be suspended by the counterparty due to damages to the delivered goods and/or consequential damages.

5. Delivery.

5.1 Delivery is always done ex-warehouse in Emmen.
5.2 The agreed delivery time does not count as a fatal term unless specifically agreed upon differently in writing.
5.3 Due to the nature of the goods delivered by Sportech the risks are completely transferred to the counterparty upon delivery.
5.4 Incase the counterparty is negligent in providing information and/or instructions that are essential for delivery, Sportech is authorized to store the goods at the risk and cost of the counterparty and charge the counterparty for all costs that this matter brings with it.
5.5 The transport of sold goods is at all time done at the risk and cost of the counterparty, this also counts if Sportech, at the request of the counterparty, provides for and pays for transport of the goods.

6. Ownership retention.

6.1 Delivery takes place under ownership retention. Ownership of the goods shall pass to the buyer only upon full payment of the price thereof and of any other amounts due and owning to Sportech with respect to the goods, their purchase or their transportation.
6.2 When the counterparty does not meet the payment deadline or when there is sufficient reason to believe that the counterparty is not going to meet the payment deadline or will not pay at all, Sportech is authorized to take back all goods delivered by Sportech which according to the previous section are still rightfully owned by Sportech. The counterparty will give there unconditional and full cooperation at first notice from Sportech whenever this matter occurs.

7. Force Majeure.

7.1 Force Majeure is recognized as Force Majeure as stated by section 6:75 BW of the Dutch national law.
7.2 If by Force Majeure the delivery is delayed by more than two months, both Sportech and the counterparty are empowered to dissolve the agreement.

8. Monitoring and Complaint.

8.1 Both private customers and professional customers need to thoroughly check the delivered goods for any defects within 5 days of delivery.
8.2 Due to the nature of the delivered goods all complaints by a professional customer need to take place within 5 days of finding a defect and must be made in writing to Sportech. The professional customer can not appeal to non-conformity after this time limit.

9. (Consequences of) Dissolution.

9.1 Sportech is entitled to dissolve the agreement without any legal intervention in case the counterparty is declared bankrupt, files for suspension of payment, is admitted to a statutory debt arrangement scheme or otherwise loses the decision power over his or her capital or parts of it.
9.2 The counterparty is not entitled to dissolve the agreement between Sportech and the counterparty.
9.3 Due to the dissolution of the agreement, accounts receivable on both sides become claimable immediately. The counterparty is legally liable for any damages suffered by Sportech, including but not limited to loss of profit and transport costs.

10. Disputes and applicable law.

10.1 The agreement between Sportech and the counterparty applies to Dutch National law.
10.2 All differences shall be settled by the Court of Law in the domicile of Sportech unless Sportech lays the difference before a different, according to legal competency rules, able court of law.


Privacy Policy

Sportech respects your privacy and makes sure that the information you provide us with will be treated confidentially. We use your company information to make sure your orders will be processed correctly. For other purposes, like sending newsletters, we will only use your information when you have approved us to do so. Sportech will not provide your company information to other parties, unless they are involved in the shipping process. In this case we only provide them with the information they need to deliver your order.

Sportech only uses your company information for the following:

To give you access to our product prices you need to be approved as a client. We need your personal and company information as is asked in the registration form. To make ordering at our website as convenient as possible we save your company information so you will not have to enter this every time you want to make an order. We save the orders you have done so you can look into your order history and to give you the opportunity to easily re-order. With your approval we use your email address to inform you about new products, pricing, special offers and other developments that can be of interest to you. If you no longer wish to receive these emails you can easily uncheck the “I would like to receive the Sportech newsletter” box on your personal account page.

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